Sold – 11 1/2″ gauge railway for sale

Complete garden railway, left by the previous owners of the property. It is unique, being self-made by a professional boiler maker, and of an unusual gauge (11.5 inches / 29.5mm). It comprises one steam engine and one petrol locomotive. I believe that both are in operational condition although I don’t not have the knowledge of their operation to confirm this myself. Certainly I have seen them in operation in August this year. They probably do require maintenance before running again. The rolling stock comprises 3 grey wagons, in reasonable condition and one guards van which requires some repairs to the wooden frame. There is one additional disused engine which I have no knowledge of its condition. There are around 250 metres of track, laid on wooden sleepers, currently set out in a large oval with 2 spurs off (with points system). All the track is all in operational condition.
The buyer will need to uplift the track. The whole railway will require a lorry for removal, with some means of uplifting the engines. It would be a lot of work to someone to reset up the whole railway but it could be a fantastic project for the right location! Currently in Cupar, South Scotland.

More details on eBay.

$_57 (1)

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