About Us

Our aims as a society

  1. To promote and support railways of between 8” and 12 1/2” gauges.
  2. The society will not be railway specific but rather as a complement to existing lines both private and commercial.
  3. To encourage safe practices within both industry and hobby.
  4. To encourage the building of locomotives and stock and the recording of details of those machines.
  5. To make an accurate historic record of locomotives both steam and non-steam.
  6. To build, maintain and operate a directory of present lines.
  7. To include private owners and lines in a way that protects both their privacy and security.
  8. To create a comprehensive historical record of lines past and present.
  9. To obtain discounts for members, and by grouping members together, obtaining bulk orders of items from dealers thus securing a more favourable price for smaller lines.
  10. To encourage communication by the issuing of updates on our website and hopefully in various magazines, of news, practical ideas, information, sales of stock etc.
  11. To encourage the enjoyment of the hobby by communication, visits and social occasions.
  12. We will be a non profit making organisation with a nominal modest yearly fee to cover expenses, the amount to be reviewed annually.

We welcome suggestions for other related areas to cover or offers of assistance.

You can join here.