The Society shall be known as


  1. The society’s aims are to promote and support miniature railways between 8” and 12 1/2” gauges and will be a non profit making organisation open to all on payment of a modest yearly fee to cover expenses (the amount to be set annually). To maintain a directory of working lines for the promotion and publicity of those lines normally open to the public. The society will not be railway specific but will operate as a complement to existing lines both private and commercial, to encourage safe practice within hobby and industry and encourage the enjoyment of miniature railways by communication, visits and social events.It is the society’s aim to encourage communication by sharing news, practical ideas, information, sales of stock etc on the society website and in magazines associated with the enjoyment of railways, to maintain a directory of working lines for the promotion and publicity of those lines normally open to the public, keeping accurate records of all aspects of the railways whilst striving to ensure the privacy and security of private owners.To encourage the building of locomotives and rolling stock and the recording of details of those items for future reference as well as obtain discounts for members wherever possible.
  2. The Society will operate under the control of a Committee of Management that shall comprise Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership secretary plus four or five committee members.
    1. Committee members serve without re-election for a maximum period of two years.
    2. All posts to be elected by the membership as necessary at the Annual General Meeting by a show of hands or ballot (postal for those disabled or residing outside the UK).
    3. An Annual General Meeting to be held on or as near as practicable to August 31 during September or October yearly
    4. the membership secretary giving members a minimum of 30 days notice of said meeting.
  3. A minimum of four Committee Meetings will be held yearly. These meetings to be arranged by the secretary giving at least five days notice.
    1. A meeting must consist of a quorum of at least four members of the committee.
    2. If the chairman is unavailable meetings may be led by any committee member chosen at the meetings.
    3. Emergency meetings may be requested by any member of the said committee.
    4. Meetings may be held using telephony or internet technology that allows committee members to participate.
    5. In the case of a tied vote the chairman or acting chairman of the meeting will have the deciding vote.
    6. All meetings must have an accurate record kept and a written copy of that record filed by the secretary.
  4. The Chairman:
    1. shall preside at meetings wherever possible;
    2. will be responsible for the conduct of meetings, safety, security of information, and the general operation of the society;
    3. present a report to membership at the annual general meeting.
  5. The Secretary shall be responsible for:
    1. arranging all meetings, giving correct notice of said meeting;
    2. keeping a written record of all meetings;
    3. organising and recording elections;
    4. be responsible for society correspondence and security.
  6. The Treasurer shall be responsible for:
    1. the control and recording within the society of all financial transactions;
    2. control of the society cheque books and bank accounts;
    3. at the Annual General meeting presenting of a written report to membership.
    4. No member of the Society may bind the Society to contract other than by payment of cash in advance and then only with the approval of the majority of a quorum of the Committee with a copy of the relevant minutes certified as true by the Secretary and confirmed by the Chairman.

    The Financial Year will be from September 1 until August 31 and will be known as the financial year.

  7. The Membership Secretary shall be responsible for:
    1. keeping an accurate record of members;
    2. keeping a record of membership fees paid;
    3. the prompt passing of any fees received to the treasurer.

    The membership year will coincide with the financial year of September 1 to August 31.

  8. Committee Members are responsible for:
    1. the good order of the day to day running of the society;
    2. assisting in policy decisions;
    3. any other task as determined by the Committee.
  9. There may be a number of Named Officers appointed by and responsible to the Committee for such duties as publicity, running the website, organising shows etc.
  10. Annual Subscriptions:
    1. The yearly amount to be agreed and reviewed at each AGM.
    2. Payment of membership fees denotes the willingness of the member to comply with this constitution.
    3. Fees are due in September of each year. If the fee remains unpaid at the end of the calendar year the member shall be deemed to have left the Society.
    4. Members joining part way through the year shall after the Society’s receipt of a Standing Order dated September of the calendar year have free membership for the membership year.
    5. In the event of the society’s closure a special general meeting shall be held to wind up any outstanding affairs and that the funds donated to an appropriate UK charity preferably miniature railway or child orientated as decided by a vote of those members present.
  11. The Committee has the right to refuse membership or to remove membership status from any individual or railway bringing the society into disrepute by unsafe practice or by any action determined as doing so by the Committee.
  12. Membership data is held only for members of the Ten and Quarter Inch Gauge Railway Society. The society will not knowingly pass members’ details to any third party without the expressed permission of the member unless compelled to by law. Should any member require their name to be withheld from the membership list they should contact the Membership Secretary.

March 2021.