Ingfield diesel day invitation

Ingfield Light Railway is very much a 10 1/4″ scale railway although it does have two resident Lister locos, Aidan Favell’s Hudswell Clarke ‘Coughing Polly’ and Drummond Randall’s AutoGrimmett ‘Thumper’. The railway has decided to hold its first Diesel Day on Saturday March 28, while the steam engines are drained for the winter, and members of the Ten and a Quarter Inch Gauge Railway Society are cordially invited to join in the day. In addition to the Listers there will be two Mardyke Hymeks, Aidan Favell’s Hymek, Drummond’s ‘1831’ and (the late) Bob Symes’ GWR railcar, the Flying Banana. Visiting locos are welcome subject to fitting within the railway’s scale clearances (22″ wide); or just come and drive or ride behind one of ours. The plan is to run between 11am and 5pm. Tea & coffee and nibbles available, the urn should be hot by 10 o’clock!

Coughin' Polly

Lister powered ‘Coughing Polly’ at Ingfield.

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