Littlehampton Railway

It is with regret that Thirty Inch Railways Ltd has announced that it is withdrawing from the contract to operate the Miniature Railway at Littlehampton, known as Littlehampton Railway since 2011.

The company has have found it impossible to reconcile its level of commitment in time and resources to the railway in the light of other business and personal commitments. In addition forthcoming developments and specifically the lack of clarity with regard to the future of the Swimming Pool, did not give TIR Ltd confidence it would be able to continue to develop the Railway successfully over the remaining period of our original concession. TIR has worked very hard over the last three months to seek alternatives but has
not been able to come to any satisfactory agreement.

Therefore TIR Ltd is stepping aside to let others take forward what we have built upon. Since taking over in 2010 the company has invested heavily in the Railway including major upgrades to track and Stations and the creation of the Visitor Centre. In addition, we have built a there is now strong online presence through a website and Facebook page which will be passed to whoever takes over the concession.

There is also a substantial amount of archive materials, some dating back to the opening of the railway.

TIR Ltd thanks the railway staff for the hard work and dedication they have shown, especially those who have been there right from the beginning. TIR is really grateful for the opportunity to give so much enjoyment to do many people over the last five years and will miss all the visitors.

TIR wishes the Littlehampton Railway and the new Operator (whoever that should be) well for the future.

Chris Phillimore,
Director TIR Ltd.

Littlehampton Railway


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