Missing stock

It is very rare for 10 1/4″locos and stock to be stolen, although it does happen, because most locos are well known to enthusiasts. However occasionally stuff does disappear either through theft or more often through just dropping out view.

We want to set up some system for identifying and tracking down missing locos and will be trialling ideas on this website.

If there is a loco or other rolling stock that you are searching for or which you wish to report missing please use the form below to contact us.

    All information in this form is voluntary.



    First Name


    Post Code

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    Mobile Telephone Number

    Please enter stock details here

    Data Protection
    The above details will be kept on the society computer database and will only be used by the society for keeping records. The society will not release any of your details to any other member or third party without written permission from you. This permission can be refused.

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