Hatfield House Miniature Railway

Scenic Railways Limited is pleased to announce that following closure of the Knebworth Miniature Railway last year, it is opening a new 10¼” railway in the grounds of Hatfield House, Hertfordshire. AL9 5NO.
The railway is approximately 400 yards long and it is intended that it will utilize some equipment from the previous railway (notably locomotives ‘Hasty’ and ‘Rhuddlan Castle’). The railway is scheduled to be opened by Lord and Lady Salisbury on Easter Saturday 30 March. From then on, the railway should be open at weekends, Bank Holidays and school holidays until September.
At the time of writing there is very little information available on Hatfield House website, but what there is can be found here http://www.hatfield-house.co.uk/content.asp?id=4&Hatfield-Park-Farm
Thanks to Rick Osman for this information.