R.A.I.B Report. Fatal Accident

Notice for all of us who work within the railway world.

The following notice was sent to our chairman but we think it applies to all who work with the railway world, this was a avoidable accident!! 

Rail Accident Investigation Board Report into fatal Accident.

(North Yorkshire Moors Railway)

Following a shunting accident on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway that resulted in the death of one of their volunteer guard/shunters. I think it is necessary to bring to everyone’s attention the Learning Points issued by the Rail Accident Investigation Board. The accident happened whilst carrying out shunting duties and the volunteer got between the coaches as they were being drawn away, the loco unexpectedly reversed (due to poor design and malfunction of the reverser) and caused the coaches to impact with the guard/shunter in between.

The RLR Operating Rules (Section 9) explain in detail our rules which cover Shunting Duties.

Learning point

Staff carrying out shunting duties should be made aware that they should not go between vehicles/coaches, until the vehicles/coaches :-
1. Are a safe distance apart;
2. Are at a stand;
3. Secured;
4. The shunter/guard has reached a clear understanding with the driver about what they are doing and an assurance that the vehicles will not be moved.

Staff should also be made aware that they should never assume that a train moving away from them will continue to move away.