Wanted 8″, 10″ or 12″ wheels for project

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We have received a request from a group representing London Underground who wish to enter into the “IMechE Challenge” their email is attached below

Hello 10.1/4″ members
We are an apprentice team representing London Underground, our project build will be based in North/West London and the competition we are competing in is the Railway Challenge based in Leicester (I believe) and run by IMechE.

 We are after some ideally 8” but possibly 10” or 12” diameter wheels, our budget is tight as we are still securing funding, we are gathering prices at the moment attempting to figure out what we can achieve with our proposed budget, providing we put forward a realistic/achievable project plan and design our managers will approve the budget and we will begin ordering the parts by January.

Thank you

Rudi Pickering | Fleet Maintenance Apprentice
London Underground | Stonebridge Park Depot
Email: RudiPickering@tfl.gov.uk

If you can help them with wheels or advise please contact Rudi on the email above.
As most of you will know from our website and the railway press this competition is run annually and has produced some very interesting machines.

Come on members what can we do for them……!!!