Birchley Railway Open Day

Page updated 8 July 2013, at 21.20

Report from Birchley Open day

A Big thank you to everyone who came and made our Open day such a success.
The final total came to £1863 20 with a bonus from the German TV company who filmed last Wednesday and sent a donation of £100.
So we didn’t quite make the £2000 but Gift Aid Tax claw back most certainly will.
Thank you everyone for bringing the fine weather with you, it really made our day.

A generous donator is sending a cheque to make our total up to £2,000 – isn’t that generous?.

Jennifer & Drummond

PS.  BBC South East are coming to film on Monday at 10am, don’t know when it will be broadcast but probably Tuesday, just in case you can’t wait here is a link.

PPS.  Today the BBC South East have done their filming, it is in the editing room and will be broadcast on BBC South East news at 1.30 and 6.30 today!

Originally  Posted on 2 July

Birchley Railway Open Day

Saturday 6 July. Trains start running at Midday, this could be one of the last Open days we shall hold as Birchley is up for sale and a prospective buyer is in sight, even if a long way off yet.

Free Parking.
As many free train rides as you can manage.

Entrance £5 Adults. £2.50 Children. Family 2+2 £12.50

Barbecue, Teas and cakes as priced (very reasonable)
Jennifer’s cakes (Eat your heart out Mary Berry) go very quickly.

Chris Haynes Barbecue, very tasty and very reasonable.

Weather forcast good so come and enjoy a wonderfull afternoon.

Birchley Railway
Fosten Lane
TN27 8DZ