For Sale 12lb Rail

Listed 16 February 2013

Miniature Railway Supply Company

We have a quantity of S/H 12lbs/yd steel rail in good condition, currently around 150 off lengths

Details as follows

12lbs/yd rail, 20ft lengths mainly, some shorter lengths as well.

The rail head is 1″ wide, 2″ high (50.8mm) and 2″ base

We are offering this at £ 55.50 per 20ft(6M length) plus VAT

Shorter lengths will be pro-rata

S/H Fishplates, £ 4.50 per pair (2 single plates) plus VAT

S/H Fishbolts, 1/2 dia Cup Oval with nut  @ £ 0.25 each plus VAT

NEW Fishplates, £ 6.50 per pair (2 single plates) plus VAT

NEW Fishbolts, 1/2 dia Cup Oval with nut  @ £ 0.355 each plus VAT

New and S/H Dog spikes also available as well as 4″ wide corrugated steel sleepers

There is also some S/H unused 20ft lengths as well at a higher price.

Also 2 off point in the same rail section, currently 7 1/4″g but can be regauged

Hope this is of interest

All the above are ex-works Hemel Hempstead

Please contact
Jeff Price
The Miniature Railway Supply Co Ltd
01442  214 702

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