Tender Locomotive

o-6-0 Steam Tender Locomotive
Built by R.E & R.L Wiggins (father & son)
The frames were cut in 1990 and by early 1998 she moved under her own steam
In March and April 1998 we carried out trials at Basildon Miniature Railway pulling just one coach full of friends and family and making adjustments where needed, after that we had four coaches with 48 passengers and it performed very well.
In March 2000 we took her to Wells Next The Sea in Norfolk to the WWLR where we had permission to do light running for the full lengh of the track and return (8 miles in total)
In March 2001 we returned to Wells on three occasions and we were very pleased with the way it performed.

Technical Information
Type, 0-6-0 Tender Locomotive
Wheel Dia, 11.25″ inside frames (= to one yard per revolution)
Cylinders 3.3/4″ bore by 7″ stroke, Outside motion Walschearts Valve Gear, Slide Valves and Screw Reverse.
Height to cab roof 5′ 8″, Length overall 14′ 7″, Width 34″
Driver and fireman sit side by side in the tender which sits on two bogies (very comfortable)
Dry weight is 1.7 tonne
It has a 14″ boiler with 28 x 3/4″ bore tubes with a wide firebox.
Working pressure 160 P.S.I.
Tender capacity, Water 100 gallons, Coal 100kgs (2.5 cwt)
From light up to valve lift approx 1 hour 20 minutes
There are two gauge glasses and two injectors.
A screw down brake is fitted to the loco wheels.
The boiler when full for test holds 23 gallons and around 15 gallons for working.
The boiler is of very substantial construction and is fully welded steel boiler plate.
It was originally approved and tested by an inspector employed by the
National Vulcan Ins Co, now part of the Royal and Sun Alliance Group.

For more information or to view the locomotive based in Essex
Please contact
Roy Wiggins
01268 733950

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