Unusual gauge railway – Faversham

The Faversham Miniature Railway is notable for its unusual gauge of 9 inches.runs through the grounds of the National Fruit Collection at Brogdale Farm, which was hosting the annual ‘Cherry Festival’ at the time of my visit. There are a number of similar events throughout the year, but an admission charge is levied in addition to the train ticket.

Of the two trains in service, one was hauled by A Class 31 locomotive built in 2014. Here it is seen running through the orchards.
faversham Miniature Railway

The second train was hauled by 20077 ‘Lady Fiona’ a Class 20 locomotive built in 1988, seen passing ‘Barry’s Box Junction’.
Faversham 2

There are also some smaller locomotives and those on show in the yard included No 5 ‘Red Shunter’ a Honda petrol hydraulic, No 10 ‘Jasmine’ 0-6-0 petrol loco built by Maxitrak (blue shunter) and No 6 Class 03 petrol loco built in 2013 (green loco).
Faversham 3


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